Media Training

In-house Workshops

Designed for an industry group wanting to raise awareness and/or for getting staff on board to increase your profile. The customised seminars look at the process of identifying:

  • Which media outlet would be the most suitable for the kind of publicity the client needs.
  • How to find a news angle in what's happening in your business.
  • How to provide a whole package to the media that not only includes a great angle but suggestions on who to interview, where to be photographed, etc.
  • The best way of approaching the media i.e. emails, press releases or phone calls.
  • Once the media have already done a story about you, how to position yourself as someone they will come back to again.

Louise Pagonis

One on One Coaching

Often you will have spent too much time working in the business and not on the business. Louise will show you how to look at your company with fresh eyes to find newsworthy stories and anecdotes that you may have overlooked.

One on one coaching covers similar skills to those in the In House Workshop. Even after just one hour of coaching you will have an understanding of what type of media outlets could be interested in your story, the preparation needed before you make the approach and what the best way of making contact is.

Once you start to build a profile Louise can guide you on how to develop a long-term relationship with the media and maximise opportunities that are available.

TV Interview Training

A credible media performance is perhaps the most important factor in establishing the right public image. Many people despite being confident and successful are nevertheless filled with dread at the prospect of being interviewed on television.

An experienced live performer and interviewer, Louise will take you through the basics of a TV interview showing you how to keep to your key messages, answer difficult questions and feel in control.

You'll be interviewed with questions tailor made for your area of expertise and Louise will advise you on clothing, body language and presentation. The interviews will be taped “as live’” and you get practical feedback on your performance along with a link to your interview.

The training is done at studios in central Auckland.

Louise Pagonis at Radio Live